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Our Skilled & Experienced Technology Professionals Offer On-demand Software Development Services To Help Transform Your Business Vision Into An Immersive Digital Reality

Businesses worldwide have been turning to software outsourcing to access technology professionals with specialized software skills and expertise. Our dedicated global network of expert software developers have the experience of working with diverse industries in accelerating them towards their digital transformation journey. From full-cycle projects to part customization of existing platforms, we deliver premium software products and solutions in an efficient, timely and cost-efficient manner. You can choose to – delegate your software projects to us or deploy your own virtual software development team to support your internal teams.

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We specialize in end to end delivery of custom software solutions, from inception to implementation and end user training. The software engineers are trained to work very closely with the clients to first fully understand the software development needs of our clients, find a suitable methodology, define project specifications, implement, test, deliver and finally, support.

Software Outsourcing Services

Software Consulting

Get access to the best software-related advice from industry experts. With extensive experience and deep knowledge in the tech industry, our software consultants treat every software product as unique and dispense the best possible strategy to take your business to new technological heights. Core belief that resources are valuable and should be spent wisely, drives our specialized consultants to provide efficient, scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions tailor-made for your software needs.

Custom Software Development

We design, develop, deploy and maintain custom frontline software solutions and services for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises. Get access to tailored software solutions that address your needs. Our developers will work closely with you to understand your exact requirements and bring your technology vision to life.

Our services include

  • Software Product Development
  • Our services include
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Application Development
  • Software Integration & Modernization
  • SaaS Development
  • Software Testing

Web Development

Clandica offers a gamut of web development services that can help provide a solid digital foundation upon which businesses can digitally build and grow. Our team of highly experienced full-time web developers work closely with our global clients, from helping assess the on-going web situation to delivering robust, secure and fully-functional web technology solutions with an immersive and intuitive UI/UX design that converts. We take on both on-shore and off-shore web development projects from clients of diverse industries like Ecommerce, Healthcare, Travel, Media, Education, Publishing and more.

Our Services include

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile Web Applications Development
  • Web Portal Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Branding & Marketing
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Full Stack Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Support & Maintenance

Clandica’s Software Outsourcing Models

Staff Augmentation

Hire skilled software developers as individuals or teams to support your in-house teams and provide the required software expertise. Give specific tasks while staying in control of the development process while increasing the productivity of your team. You have a team but need a few more hands? Then our Staff Augmentation is the way to go.

Dedicated Development Teams

Autonomous delivery teams that report to you and can scale up and down based on your requirement. This approach falls in between expanding your team and completely delegating your software project. You can outsource our Project Managers (PMs) who will lead the development process, report the progress periodically and get strategic insights from the clients.

Project-based software outsourcing

Software developers plan and execute projects independently when no internal team is deployed for the task, taking over the entire development process and execution. The clients don’t have to get entangled in the development process or the methodologies and solely focus on the desired outcomes.

Time-based Contracts

Software developers work on short-term and long-term projects and are paid based on the time and materials utilized. Ideal for projects of any size, this type of contract provides you with the desired doses of technology support from experienced professionals with in-demand software skills.

What is software Outsourcing? And Why?

Software Outsourcing encompasses partnering with a third-party company to deliver software products and solutions as a task, function, process or part of the supplier company. Outsourcing need not be only a way to help cut operational costs but can also be the growth strategy that powers you towards digital transformation.Getting that extra support of software expertise that your team needs to deliver projects effectively and on time can go a long way in elevating the performance and quality in a short time while saving costs and efforts. 

Software projects require time, expertise and large budgets which software outsourcing can help save. Some advantages of choosing software outsourcing over hiring in-house teams include acquiring specific software expertise, objective assessment, better risk handling, accountability, Flexibility and low market access time.  

Advantages of software outsourcing

  • On-demand Specialized Software Expertise
  • Skilled and Experienced Professionals
  • Speed, Performance & Productivity
  • Flexibility (Scale Up or Down)
  • Reduces Risk and Boosts Security
  • Lowers Costs

Delegate parts of your business or project requiring specific software development skills to our software developers by choosing any of our software outsourcing models. Quickly enhance the software development capabilities of your team or organization by getting extended support from our experienced software engineers who provide time zone aligned services to empower businesses of any size, from startups to large enterprises.

Our teams also comprise experienced software architects with proven development capabilities ready to take on on-shore and off-shore projects.

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