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Let Us Help You Tap Into Your True Google Potential To Create, Plan & Manage Workflows, To Collect & Store Data and To Communicate With Your Teams 

With extensive experience in helping businesses manage work seamlessly and efficiently, we believe in the power of Google Workspace in transforming the way teams manage work and communicate. Google Workspace makes working together a whole lot easier with its powerful collaboration and productivity tools. Google Workspace for business is the perfect cloud based mailing and collaboration cloud solution for companies wanting to work better and improve productivity.

Our enterprise consultants and change management experts will empower your team to connect, create, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere with Google Workspace, which offers all the productivity and collaboration tools you need – all in one place.

Owned and operated by Google, Google Workspace can be a perfect way for any organization to host email and provide an all-in-one solution for document sharing to storage. It is very cost-effective and easy to use. Google Workspace includes all of the productivity apps you know and love—Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more. Whether you’re returning to the office, working from home, on the frontlines with your mobile device, or connecting with customers, Google Workspace is the best way to create, communicate, and collaborate.

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Apps to fit your business

Google Gmail


Secure business email, and so much more.
The latest Gmail makes it easier to stay on top of the work that matters. With secure, ad-free email as a foundation, you can also chat, make voice or video calls, and stay on top of project work with shared files and tasks — all right in Gmail.

Google Calendar


Integrated online calendars designed for teams.
Spend less time planning and more time doing with shareable calendars that integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Meet so you always know what’s next.

Google Meet


Secure video meetings for teams and businesses.
Help your team stay securely connected with enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure. Meet is included with Google Workspace, Google Workspace Essentials, and G Suite for Education.

Google Chat


Simplify 1:1 and group messaging.
From direct messages to group conversations, Google Chat helps teams and businesses collaborate fluidly and efficiently from anywhere. Securely connect with anyone you work with, and take group work to the next level with shared chat, files & tasks.

Google Drive


Store, access, and share your files in one secure place.
Store any and every file. Access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices. Control how files are shared.

Google Meet


Word processing for teams
Create and edit text documents right in your browser—no dedicated software required. Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change is saved automatically.

Google Slides


Beautiful presentations created together
Create and edit polished presentations in your browser—no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time so everyone always has the latest version.

Google Sheets


Collaborative, smart, secure spreadsheets for fast-moving organizations
Sheets was designed with the needs of agile organizations in mind. AI features mean you can tap into the right insights to make meaningful business decisions.

Google Forms

Google Forms

Easy to create surveys and forms for everyone
Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no extra cost. Gather everything in a spreadsheet and analyze data right in Google Sheets.

Google Keep


Capture what’s important and get more done.
Keep organized. Capture inspiration and to-dos effortlessly. Collaborate on notes with teammates and set reminders to stay on track. Everything syncs across your devices, so what’s important is always in reach

Google Currents


Engage employees. Have meaningful discussions. Stay current — together.
Work towards a common goal with Currents. Build a productive community where everyone stays on the same page.

Google Sites


Effortlessly create impactful team sites
Collaboratively create engaging, high-quality sites for your team, project or event. The sites look great on every screen, from desktop to smartphone. All without learning design or programming.

Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script

Optimize how you work

Apps Script is the only low-code platform that makes it quick and easy to build business solutions that integrate, automate, and extend Google Workspace. With Apps Script, business users can build custom solutions on top of Google Workspace.

Google Cloud Search

Cloud Search

The information you need, right when you need it

Use the power of Google to search across your company’s content. From Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more, Google Cloud Search answers your questions and delivers relevant suggestions to help you throughout the day

Google Admin


Manage Google Workspace for your organization

Easily add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings so your data stays safe. Administration shouldn’t need a manual

Google Endpoint

Endpoint Management

Keep things simple—and moving.

Endpoint management for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS, and Linux is easy to set up and use.

Google Vault


Data retention and eDiscovery for Google Workspace.

Keep track of what matters. Retain, search, and export your organization’s data from select apps with Vault for Google Workspace Business and Enterprise editions.

Google Work Insights

Work Insights

Speed up your Google Workspace rollout

Understand how Google Workspace impacts your organization in real time. Surface insights on adoption, work patterns, and collaboration across different Google Workspace apps.

Some of the many reasons why Google Workspace is a great solution for your business:

  • Collaborate in real time : Easily work on documents, spreadsheets and slides across your devices, with or without Internet.
  • Make decisions faster, face to face : Schedule meetings, collaborate on video calls, and sync them all with your mobile devices seamlessly. Use shared calendars to see when others are available and schedule meetings with automatic email invitations.
  • Store and share files in the cloud : Keep all your work in one place with secure access from your computer, phone or tablet.Quickly invite others to view, download and collaborate on any file – no email attachment needed.
    Security – Google Workspace has dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep corporate data safe, secure and in your control.
  • Cost Savings : Google Workspace requires no hardware or software and minimal administration, reducing expenditures dramatically.

Go Google with Clandica:

Trusted Partner

hen you partner with Clandica for your Google Workspace solutions, you get the same pricing and support you’d get from Google, along with much more.

Seamless integration

You will be able to easily transition your existing Email Infrastructure to the Cloud while being worry free about Data Migration and User Knowledge Transfers.

Trained and certified solutions provider

Trained and certified solutions provider with Google for delivering their solutions using the Processes we have built over the last 10 years of delivering Google Workspace to our Customers.

Dedicated support team available 24/7

You will have access to a range of in-house certified Workspace experts who can provide you with a wide range of dedicated Google Workspace support services, which will be available whenever you require service from us.

Security Focussed

Adopting Cloud Solutions are not the only key in Securing your Organization. We deliver Cloud Solutions with its necessary Security Implementations and Upkeep Strategies .

Let’s find the right solution for you