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Leverage the Power of Mapping & GIS Services For Your Business To Identify the Geographical Strengths & Challenges, Make Informed Decisions, Tailor-make Strategies and Draw Suitable Solutions

GIS are computer systems that help capture, store, analyze and display geographically referenced information. Examine the patterns, trends, spatial relationships and more of desired geographic locations with our GIS services to unlock its various applications. A few GIS applications include Location Features, Track Geographical Patterns, Remote Sensing, Spatial Implications and more. These can also be used to identify trends, challenges, monitor change, forecast, manage and set objectives. Get access to high-quality geospatial data that provides you with actionable intelligence. We build maps that communicate, analyze, share info and solve complex problems using data attached to a specific location.

Our GIS experts provide end-to-end services for both data and enterprise applications that facilitate – effective management of information, process integrations, performance and productivity, informed decision-making and transparency. Leverage the power of maps, geo analytics and navigation solutions for your business, get in touch with us.

Why GIS?

  • Get Actionable Insights
  • Create Optimized Sales Territories
  • Identify Threats and Opportunities
  • Visually Represented Data
  • Precision Targeting
  • Seamless Data & Process Integrations
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Optimize Distribution Network

GIS Services Include

Geospatial Services

Data Integration, Geocoding, Analysis and Visualization & Enterprise Solutions

Geofencing Services

POI Classifications, Marketing & Advertising, Feature Boundaries, Store Boundaries, Parking Boundaries and more


Indoor, 2D/3D Cadastral Models, Topographical and Parcel ; 2D/3D Feature Extraction, Geo-database Management, 3D City Models and Landmarks, LiDAR Point Cloud Processing

Geospatial Services

Data Integration, Geocoding, Analysis and Visualization & Enterprise Solutions


Navigation Data Development and Maintenance : Street Network Digitization, POI addressing, Attributions ; ADAS Complaint Maps : location and lane info, HD Maps, Mobile Video Mapping ; 3D Modeling : Road network, Indoor maps and Digital twins of road networks.

Annotation & Labeling

Localization & Object Detection, Semantic Classifications, Sensor Fusion, Geo and Key Point Annotation

Remote Sensing

Satellite Imagery and Classification, Change Detection, Land Cover Classification, Agriculture Mapping, Forestry Mapping, Coastal Ecosystem Management, Mining and Geology Mapping, Slope Analysis and more


2D/3D Digitization, Raster to Vector Conversions, 2D to CAD Conversions

Geomarketing & Geotargeting

Location-targeted Marketing, Geo Intelligence, Geo Analytics, Spatial Analysis,

Why Clandica’s GIS Services?

High-quality and Accurate Data

Combines ML, AI and Human Elements

Quick and Scalable Services

Data Security


Harness the Power of Location Intelligence