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Take advantage of Our Rich Duck Creek Knowledge & Resources To Improve Performance, Automate Processes, Optimize Costs and Reduce Time & Risk Involved in Your Insurance Project Management

The onset and momentum of the digital transformation in nearly every industry was a wakeup call for insurers, highlighting the need for modern, open and customer-centric technologies to support changing customer expectations and a new way of doing business. Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of P&C insurance software and services to global insurers of all sizes. The company’s solutions optimize outcomes and enhance engagement with advanced digital and data capabilities, and integrated functionality – available on-premise or in the cloud.

Duck Creek Suite advantages:

  • Centralized management offers more payment options, streamlines processes, improves collection rates and facilitates consistency across an insurer’s enterprise
  • Single point of change enables updates to be completed once and reflected throughout integrated systems
  • One-click summary displays customer account information in a single location, providing easy access to policy details when responding to billing inquiries
  • Advanced reporting capabilities allow businesses to define and measure their financial views in a customized, efficient manner
  • Reduces costs by streamlining implementation and eliminating multi-system maintenance.

Duck Creek Partner Services:

Insurance Business Consulting

Strategic consulting to align your business objectives with core IT transformation plan to modernize core systems and create differentiated customer experience, while providing business insights at every stage.

Legacy Functionality Extraction and Migration Services

Ensure a successful extraction and transfer of legacy data without losing out on any part of the customer data through tested, well-planned and secure migration methods

Implementation Services for Configuration, Integration, and Testing

Utilize our proprietary solution systems that enable quick and automated configuration that help save time and costs

Customized Methodologies and Frameworks

Develop customized implementation plans and dynamic frameworks and solutions that deliver value-added services to your customers.

Our frameworks and tools for DCT implementation, support, and maintenance include:

  • Agile framework for DCT development, support, and maintenance
  • Competency framework
  • Integration framework for interfaces and third-party application
  • Enablers—productivity improvement tools
  • Knowledge management and transition framework
  • Knowledge transition framework
  • Regression test automation framework
Dc Three Pillars

What sets us apart?

Strength in depth

With over 1,000 Duck Creek practitioners, and a long-standing implementation track record, we’re the acknowledged Duck Creek experts.That means we understand our clients’ businesses and where they want to go.


For insurers looking to take advantage of the flexibility, efficiency and scalability that “Duck Creek On-Demand” provides, we will support their cloud journey with unique assets, capabilities and partnerships.

End-to-end support

We complement Duck Creek implementations with fully integrated consulting and change management services to secure a successful, seamless transition to the new platform.

Duck Creek production support

Comprehensive Duck Creek production support through managed capacity models with continuous integration and continuous delivery of features, products, and updates.

To Implement New Core Systems or To Replace Legacy Systems